My Hair Cut!

My Pictures From My Attempt to Cut My Own Hair!

Session One
Date: 03-04-2002
Time Spent: 80 minutes

I have decided not further continue my experiment due to a lack of a long attachment piece.
If I do additional trimming, then you'll see them, first, here.

Session Two
Date: 05-08-2002
Time Spent: 40 minutes I looked kinda funny with my side-burns sticking out when I wore my glasses.
So I decided it was time to trim the sides. I went through my entire head
with a 3/4" attachment. Trimmed the hair near the ears, then started on the back.
All was going well until I made a few strokes that went in too far and too high.
I tried my best to even it all out, but the back of my head still looked a little funny.

No Image.

Session Three
Date: 05-09-2002
Time Spent: 10 minutes
Used a 1/4" attachment and ran it over my head.