Bike Accident Injury
Date: 4-29-2002
Time: 1:56PM PST

Riding bike with legs extended. Lost balance and started falling sideways towards the left.
Unable to regain balance, and fell with left palm absorbing large amount of impact force
before right hand landed. Fell upon rocky, uneven, jagged, pavement.
The following pictures are after a trip to the health center.
Where the wound was first soaked in a beta-iodine solution, then
the dead skin (piece of 1"x0.5" skin) and several smaller pieces of skin
were cut off to have a clear view of the wound. After that,
The abrasion was cleaned of debris by digging a cotton swab into each corner
under the skin.

Right palm image 1

Left palm image 1

Right palm image 2

Left palm image 2

Stains on pants (blurry)

Day 2

Throughout yesterday and half the night I was awake, I noticed that a clear, water-like fluid
was slowly permeating from the wound. It was an orange color because it had mixed with the blood
I thought about skin moisture, and concluded that it
is the water that flows throughout the body. Of course, with a hole in my palm, the skin
to recieve that water wasn't there so it just came out of the wound.
It took about 8 hours for the scab to fully form and hardened. This happened while I slept.
No images today.

Day 3

Another day of recovery. No developments.

Left palm Day 3

Day 10

For the past week I let my body do its' thing and just waited as the healing
process continued. The injury is almost completely recovered, and the scab is now
begining to crack, due to hand use, and will come off in a few days.

Left palm Day 10 (slightly blurry)